Saturday, October 10, 2015

Like Father, Kinda Like Son

Sorry to keep you waiting, I realized before I was gonna post this that it needed quite a bit of editing. I was trying to do a few comics in a short span, so I guess I looked over a few major details.

Also I should clarify a few things that aren't explained in this strip:
-Hoss' gimmick was that he was a gun slinger with perfect aim, however he never used his guns lethally. His guns were always a last resort against a criminal to disarm or disable them.
-Mr. McBoom was not apart of H.O.G
-Hog was a specific group of heroes that worked slightly different than regular heroes. For example; none of them had heroic titles, hence why Mr. McBoom reffers to Kent's dad just as Hoss.
-Kent doesn't need glasses like his dad, 95% of those of feline descent have perfect eye sight.

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