Cheetah Kid (Kent Dendega)
Race: Enro (Caucasian Human/Cheetah Descent)
Year 1: Age 5-6
Cheetah Kid (or Kent) is the main protagonist of the comic. He lives in the city of Skyblend, located in the country of Enropia. Part of his tail was shot of when he was born by an assassin with unknown intentions, and his human father disappeared the same day (presumed to be dead). He is very energetic and comedic, and uses both the power of speed and annoyance to fight his foes.

Tohawk (Token Dendega)
Race: Human (Asian Descent)
Year 1: age 12-13
Token is Cheetah Kid's adopted brother. Paloma and Kent found him in an alley one day while going for a walk. At the time, he was 9 years old. He is the "Dumb Muscle" of the group, but will occasionally spout a few words of wisdom that says otherwise. Though he is one of the strongest in the group, he doesn't like to get into much conflict and would rather make peace with his enemies.

Wolfina Emerald
Race: Enro (Hispanic Human/Wolf/Husky)
Year 1: Age 7
Wolfina is a flirty ex-thief that likes to tease with her fellow teammates to get her way, however she shows no real interest in any of them. She first met Kent and Token on the boys first mission to arrest her. After Wolfina defeated them, she decided to join them as a government hero both out of sympathy and to redeem herself for the crime she has done. She fights using stealth and cheap tricks. She becomes rather unstable when her life is threatened, or someone asks about her past. 

Polosis Shnider
Race: Enro (Human/Ferret/Mongoose)
Year 1: Age 6
Polo is a "would-be" womanizer with an odd obsession with fire. He highly excels in science ( mainly chemistry) and human history, but does poorly in any other subject. He was allowed to join Cheetah Kid's group because of his ability to make useful gadgets like his "Silenced Smoke Bombs" and his "Electric Gloves". He's not much of a fighter, but is pretty good at weaseling his way out of situations.
Pal Synched
Race: Anthro (Komondor Dog)
Year 1: Age 7
Pal is a hero with a very large temper. the great-great-great-grandson of the Anthropomorphic Freedom leader Kenton Synched. Because of this, he and his father (Mayor Bobby) are gifted with a form of magic that is no longer in mage DNA called "pulse magic". Unlike most magic someone of mage decent can use, pulse magic can act as a solid force, allowing the user to encase themselves in a close to skin/ fur force field, amplify the impact of a hit, or shoot a force wave from their hands. Unfortunately the DNA line has thinned out, and the most Pal can do is use it as a shield. Pal was a government hero before Cheetah Kid had formed his group, and was always trying to hunt down Wolfina and put her behind bars. But when he heard that she had begun working with a "new group of in-experienced heroes", he insisted that he join them to make sure she stayed on the side of good. He's not very fond of any of his teammates (namely Kent and Wolfina), and prefers to work alone. There have been numerous reports of him being very aggressive towards the criminals he arrests, but they seem to be "brushed away" from the eyes of the people.
   Kyra Barrels
Race: Anthro (Chartreux/Selkirk Rex Cat)
Year 1: Age 5-6
Kyra is a  shy civilian, and is one of the smartest of the other five in Cheetah Kid's main group of friends. She has a very obvious crush on Cheetah Kid, which Cheetah Kid tends to avoid discussing. Unfortunately, knowing everyone in Cheetah Kid's group doesn't make her anymore popular amongst others in their school, and is often picked on and bullied. Kyra's main goal in life is to become a scholar of sorts, but her parents want her to be successful like her great-great-great-grandfather and become an acrobat. Out of the few friends she has, Kyra tends to stick around Pal the most. So much to the point that they'll occasionally call eachother brother and sister.

Eclipse (Veil Harvest)
Race: Anthro (Lion Descent)
Year 1: Age 7
Eclipse is a popular young hero of Skyblend City, and is often considered the city's "crown jewel" of heroes. He is talented in the usage of Ice Magic, and comes equipped with a special pipe called a "Magic Channeler". Despite being the most well known young hero, he is actually quite the coward when no ones watching. He will often make a clever excuse to get out of a situation he feels is out of his control, and pins the blame on others when things go wrong to maintain his flawless image.
Fear aside, he never misses a chance to impress, as displayed by his interactions with Cheetah Kid whose trust he betrayed when they were kids. He tends to ignore the fact that Cheetah Kid despises him in hopes that one day he will just forget about what happened. While he is usually very good at hiding his emotions, he sometimes loses his cool in situations when he fails or disappoints someone.

Marcus McBoom
Race: Human (African American Descent)
Year 1: Age 14-15
Marcus is Skyblend City's #1 costume designer/engineer for Heroes and Sidekicks alike. He was adopted, raised, and trained by Mr.McBoom; the previous costume designer. He is best friends with Polo, and as it turns out has an IQ very close to his. The two have often worked together to create new ways to enhance hero gear to ensure all heroes are as safe as they could possibly be. He often has to be the voice of reason in Cheetah Kid's group. While he seems to only be concerned for his own safety and personal gain, he greatly cares for the lives of others.
On a side note, Marcus tends to be a wild card when it comes to combat. In most cases he will try to avoid any form of combat, but according to Mr.McBoom he could shut an attacker down with one punch.
Paloma Dendega
Race: Anthro (Cheetah)
Year 1: Age 17
Paloma is the mother of Kent and Token. She is currently a widow because her husband, Hoss Dendega, had disappeared the day of Kent's birth and is assumed to have been killed by the assassin that shot part of his tail off. Very few seem to talk directly about her profession before she married Hoss. She isn't good at cooking or cleaning, making it very hard to manage her kids. She is also quite sassy by nature.

Ms. Fields
Race: Enro (Asian Human/Wood Mouse
Year 1: Age 14
Ms. Fields is the world history teacher of Cheetah Kid's group, which is sort of a double edged sword. On the upside, her first period class is hardly ever there because they're usually of doing hero business. On the down side, when they are there they'd usually rather be off doing said business (except for Kyra and Polo of course). On top of that, them being there makes Ms. Fields and their school a target of criminals.

Clyde and Helena
Clyde's Race: Human (African American Descent)
Helena's Race: Enro (Caucasian Human/Retriever Dog Descent)
Ages Unknown
Clyde and Helena are grunts of a gang known as "The Nukes". They usually only steal from convenient stores, but will occasionally attempt to rob a bank. It's very rare to see them apart from each other, making many assume that they are a couple. Even though they are clumsy and un-organized, they can still be deadly if you get in their way. But if you do get in their way, half of the time they'll try their best not to harm you for some odd reason.

Bright Eyes
Race: Anthro (Siamese Cat)
Age Unknown
Bright Eyes is a soldier of a gang known as "The Nukes". He is both blind and mute, highly increasing his other senses. He is also a thief like Clyde and Helena, but doesn't always tag along with them. He can sense the locations of people and things via hearing and vibrations. He fights best with a simple pocket knife and has poor aim with a gun. There are two sets of wrinkles on his mask that show were his eyes either are or should be.