-What's it about?
     Cheetah Kid! is about the life of a half human/ half cheetah Enro, (a human and anthropomorphic crossbreed) named Kent Dendega, who is thrown into becoming a government hero. He eventually befriends many interesting people, who eventually to form a group of heroes to kick tail and chill or whatev'z. The comic falls into the "action/drama/comedy/fantasy" category. It is divided into story arcs (or chapters) of a large portion of Kent and his friends and foes lives. Though the comic is very light hearted a lot of the time, it also contains very deep, dark, and emotional topics that come with the life of being a hero.

-Where are they?

    The world the characters live in is a planet called "Gemini". It is named after the constellation it can be seen in from the planet you live in called "Earth". However, Geminians only know Earth as a constellation, but that doesn't matter to you I'm sure. The Country they live in is Enropia, where (as you may have guessed) most Enropians are born and raised. The city they live in is called Skyblend City.

-What Are The Races That Live On Gemini?

There are six races that have existed on Gemini:

  • Humans: In this world, their origin was from the country of Humanita. It used to be divided into seven different countries (AKA the seven continents). They Where not aware of any other races for about 1000 recorded years, due to their inability to venture north or south. They created the names of all of the 4 countries on the eastern continent, and have the third highest worldwide population.
  • Anthros: They are animals with a mostly Human anatomy. They have fur, tails, paws, and an animal skull. They can only be creatures that have paws like felines, k-nines, vulpines, weasels, rodents, ring-tails, ect. Their origin was assumed to be from Animorphinar, but there has been possible evidence of them first existing in Gibrea. They where found by Human explorers, who would soon enslave them. They where enslaved for about 300 years before many Humans claimed that they deserved freedom. They are the second larges worldwide race, and have an average lifespan of 50 years.
  • Enropians: They are the offspring of Humans and Anthros. They mainly have Human features, but retain Anthro features such as animal ears and tails. They also retain natural instincts and abilities from the animal side of their genes. The first Enropian was recorded to be from Humanita, and born in 1297 CE. After the Anthros where given freedom, their was a boom in Enropian births. Unfortunately, there where still many humans who where against Anthros and Enropians, so many people migrated north and created their own country; Enropia. After hundreds of years, there where so many Enropians that they where counted as a major race, and became the largest worldwide race. Like Anthros, they also have an average lifespan of 50 years.
  • Wakarians: Also known as "Dwarves", they are Human like beings that are usually about 4'10 as an adult. They are naturally very strong to make up for their short stature. They originate from Highren, and are usually never seen anywhere else except for Gibrea and Blitsenta. They used to be a race made up of sword wielding warriors, but have adapted the use of modern technology. Though they have moved on from their old traditions, most Wakarian families have a family sword that they pass on to their children. Unlike Humans, they cannot reproduce with Anthros or Enropians, and their women can only have one child in their lives. They have the smallest worldwide population, but have been known to be able live over 150 years.
-So... Is Magic A Thing In This Comic?

Yes, there are people known as "Mages" in this world. Mages are people who are born with the genetic ability to gain the four types of magic in the world: Fire, Ice, Electric, and Poison. A Mage can gain magic by ingesting four different fruits called Filches that correspond to each kind of magic. However, doing so will result in their body going through a rather painful genetic re-write. This change may come in the form of a week long flu or a small coma. The Mage could also die in the process, but it is very rare. The poison type of Filch can instantly kill both a Mage and a regular person, but there is a chance that a Mage can survive it. Male Mages have a very slim chance of surviving the poison Filch, but female Mages have a very large chance of surviving the Filch. Mage genes are very rare to have with every race, but having one or more Mage parents increases the chances of a child being born with the Mage gene.
There is also a form of Magic that was lost due to evolutionary causes called Pulse magic. It is a magic that takes the natural energy of a Mage and converts it into magic. This is a very exhausting practice, and most Mages who could do it would have to rest for "x" amount of time depending how much energy was used. The last remaining Pulse Mages are all in the Synched family line. Their ability to use it grows weaker after each generation of children.
-What Religions Exist In The World?

  • Holytheity: The belief that a god named Chark created planet Gemini and the sun, so that life could create itself. If you die living as a good person, you get to die peacefully. If you die living as a bad person, your spirit goes into an endless and empty white plane.
  • Spiritism: The belief that the world is run by spirits and demons. The head beings are Partha, who is thought to be the Spirit of light, and Marrow, who is thought to be the demon of darkness. There is practically a spirit or demon for everything. It is thought that if you live your life as a bad person, your soul is taken by the demon of death and you will live in darkness for eternity. If you live your life as a good person, the demon of death sends your soul to a kingdom of light where you live with other good souls.
  • Ancestrialism: The belief that a family who's ancestor has achieved something amazing should strive to achieve a similar greatness. Those who ignore the achievement their whole lives dishonor their family name and end the cycle of that ancestor. If they create their own legend by committing a new great achievement, the old cycle ends and a new one begins. Everyone who becomes a great ancestor is given their own star that is named after them, the greater the achievement, the larger the star. It is thought that life is managed and created naturally, meaning there is no god or spirit that run or created anything. This belief is not counted as a religion, but is treated as such. This is not a popular belief in this modern era.
-How Does The "Government Hero" System Work?
It works like the military; you are given a health test, if you pass you can sign a work form that requires you to give your full identity to the government. If you are under the age of 18 (or 9 for Enropians and Anthros), you must get your parent's permission up front. Once registered as a hero, you are obligated to answer to any call to action, weather it be a direct order or a police siren. If it is revealed that you did not answer to a nearby call of duty without a legitimate reason (already answering to another call, injured, ill, ect.), you will be penalized by not receiving pay for 30 days and will be on constant watch in case you decide to do a foul act to get payback or try to ignore another call to action. The same will happen if you are too destructive or aggressive while fighting crime. The same goes if a hero intentionally kills a criminal if it is not necessary. If a hero receives one too many penalties, they will be arrested and fired.

Once a hero signs up to be a hero, they must serve the city for at least 5 years before being able to retire. If the hero is injured to the point where they are deemed unable to serve, they are forced to retire and are advised to not get involved in crime fighting.

There are different ranks of heroes; a side kick, a hero, a super hero, a true hero (or a Paladin in Cheyoslanica), and a legendary hero:

-Side kicks are assigned a hero to give support to, they may be assigned to another if a specific hero is in need of assistance. This is usually assigned to those under 18 or 9, but above the age of 10 or 5. If a crime is deemed to dangerous, the side kick is forced to stay away from the action and call for more heroes. This can be overlooked if a crime is threatening the lives of thousands, the safety of a city, or the entire world (this has yet to happen). They are payed half of what a hero is payed.

-Heroes have the same requirements as side kicks, but are not pulled out of dangerous jobs (unless they are under 18 or 9). They can be assigned to bust into gang hide outs or engage in drug busts if a drug dealing is discovered. They get paid well, and can even get a sponsorship from a company that helps heroes in some way.

-Super Heroes are heroes that have stopped a large amount of crimes or continues to work after their 5 years of service. They are paid twice as much as normal heroes, and are given special perks such as cutting the ribbon of a community project, extra immunity to penalties, ect.

-True Hero is the second highest honor a hero can receive. A hero must have stopped a incident that endangered the lives of thousands, or an entire city/ multiple cities. They are payed three times as much as the average hero and receive the same perks as super heroes. Any kind of hero can become a True Hero, but there are very few who have been given this title. They can also retire at any time they deem necessary.

-A Legendary Hero is the highest honor a hero can receive. They can only be dubbed a Legendary hero if they have served as a hero until they die, save the lives of thousands of people or cites multiple times, or straight up saved the world. This can also be overruled if society deems something a hero did so amazing that it had to be written down in history to tell to future generations. There has only been two heroes who have been given this title, Kenton Synched and, most recently, Chimbo Sari.

-Comic Posts
The comics will be posted every Wednesday and Saturday at 5:00pm (unless something prevents me from doing so). They are posted in the home section, and can be easily found in the archives section. If you want, you can read the comic on my deviantART account. Most people like to comment there anyway, why not see what fellow fans are discussing?

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