Sunday, January 15, 2017

Cheetah Kid! 3rd Anniversary/Website Migration!

Happy Anniversary everyone! This marks 3 years that Cheetah Kid! has been an official web comic! To celebrate this event, much like last year, I made some art! However, this piece has a bit more use than the last one~

This is the cover art for the entirety of Season 1! I'm hoping to have this art be available for purchase as a poster sometime soon. However, I also plan to sell some of the anniversary art in other forms too, namely T-Shirts! This means I'm going to begin selling merchandise for Cheetah Kid! (though don't buy any unless you have the spare money, I don't want you being strapped for cash just cause of me :p ).

There's also one more announcement I'd like to make, and it's one that I've been planning for quite some time:

Cheetah Kid! is now migrating to Comic Fury!

The new home for Cheetah Kid! comics will be on Comic Fury, a web comic hosting site. It's hosted many web comics I love such as Housepets! 1x, The Highest Bet, Foxy Flavored Cookie. It may not look like much now, but eventually I'll have everything all spiffy and new, including a new title banner! The new banner will also be posted on my Deviantart soon, but it's not quite ready yet. Though it may take some time for me to migrate all 100+ comics there, so do bear with me as I work through this. I'll notify you when each arc is fully posted there in case you'd like to re-read it for whatever reason :) .

Thank you all so much for your support over these years, we wouldn't have this comic if not for you guys! Here's to another great year of Cheetah Kid! (and maybe we'll actually get through more than one arc this time eh?)


This fan made intro was made by SuperStarlite in celebration of this anniversary!

As well as this art he did!

Thank you again for the great work Super!