Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Kent's Excuse #4 - UNDERTALE

This is an excuse I will stand behind and defend to no ends. Undertale, a new RPG in a similar style to earthbound, is by far one of my favorite RPG's of all time. I spent 14 hours playing that game to perfection(it's only 5-8 hours long) and it was worth every minute. The catch of the game is that it's an RPG where you don't have to kill ANYONE, and if you do kill even a single enemy/character the story changes drastically... and you are considered a murderer. How does this work? Well, instead of attacking an enemy, you can simply talk to them or do something specific, or nothing at all. If you do everything in the nicest way possible, you may never even have to hit anyone either.

Also, each enemy including random encounters could be considered "a character". They have likes, dislikes, personalities, insecurities, wishes, ect. All of which play into how you can avoid fighting them. This alone makes it hard to want to kill anything (though it's understandable with SOME enemies because they can be real jerks sometimes, still I never hurt them). Even the most despicable of enemies can be befriended, as horrible as they may seem or look.
I got the "True Pacifist Ending", which is the best ending possible. After going through that, as hardcore of a completionist with games as I am, I refused to do another playthrough of the game unless I tried to get the same ending again. I couldn't bring myself to kill any of the characters in this game (though I've seen other people do it and I want to cry). Plus, if you do the ending where you kill everyone (like Pal did), you have to fight one of the hardest/coolest/saddest bosses in the game. I don't wish that boss on anybody after seeing it play out

On top of this, the gameplay is always engaging and keeps you active. It's hard to describe the combat, but when you are avoiding attacks it's kinda like a top down shooter/platformer(?). You'd have to see it to understand, it's pretty unique. From the music to the animation/effects the game is appealing to the senses. The writing and humor in the game is spot on as well, and knows exactly how to shift tones at the right times.
Not to mention the game has small things in the game that add a certain "charm" to it. For example, after getting the True ending there is a portion where you are allowed to take a walk back through all the areas in the game and talk to every single character and enemy you've ever encounter, all the way to the very beginning of the game. They all have new dialogue regarding the current events of the game, even if it's just a small sentence or two. I spent a whole 100 minutes talking to everyone again, and I'm very glad I did. It's little attentions to detail like that that you've gotta appreciate.

I highly recommend this game, and want you to play it the way YOU want to. Not how others tell you to play it. The game is truly an experience to be had, and it's only $10 on steam. I won't judge you for your actions... though if you kill certain characters I will absolutely judge you XD. And if you wanna do the genocide playthrough... well, I'll let the game deal with you then. :3

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