Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Kent's Excuse #5 - Sketchy

Yeaaaah, as I mentioned I've been trying to draw comics ahead of time, but I haven't worked out a good way to do that. I've sketched quite a few strips, but haven't inked, colored, or edited them. It's convenient for releasing the comic in a burst, but as you can see takes up a lot of time. If I wanna start doing 3 updates a week, I'll have to take a haitus at some point during this arc or before the next one (not now though).

On top of this I'm putting a lot of time into Castaway now, so until that comes out I may just post one comic a week. I'm tryin' my best to make this work so you'll have to bare with my fickle-ness a bit more.^^; 

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