Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Actually Fighting Fire

We're back in business baby! (well, sort of)
I'm terribly sorry for being gone so long. I've had my new laptop for a bout 3 months, but I just never got back to drawing the comic because I was having a lot of doubts and just not really feeling it in general. I experimented with the style some more, tried a new comic format, and even considered making a game for it instead. In the end I came to the conclusion that the story could only work as a comic or a cartoon, so I decided to just take a break on it to just have fun with making stuff for a while. I almost canceled the comic all together. But after a few walks of rethinking the order or the plot, the length of each episode, and coming up with some new ideas I re-motivated myself to work on the comic again!
Although, this and next week are both finals weeks, so the next 3 comics make come in a bit late. But after next Friday I'll be completely free to work on it regularly again!

Also, I've started another form of web comic in the style of an "Choose your own adventure" game, but in the Housepets! universe. It's much like the comic Prequel or the Teltale games. It is titled "Case: Housepets!, and it updates as soon as enough players post their choice of what to do next. You can catch up and play it on the Housepets! forums here:
It will eventually have it's own site as well, probably after the first chapter.

One last thing; I'll be going into more depth as to what my plans are for Cheetah Kid!, Diggy the Huskey, HP! Fanimated!, and other projects of mine on my deviant art soon. For Cheetah Kid!, I'll give you a hint: It involves special new types of episodes made just for the webcomic! Till then, enjoy!

Alt. Text: Man, that was the worlds longest fireball shot! Why did it take us so long to get out of the way?!

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