Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Kent's Excuse #12: ISP Issues and Vacation

My family is currently switching Internet Service Providers since they where charging more then they were supposed to (and never fixing it even after constantly pestering them about it). So, my internet won't be back till Thursday, which wouldn't be a issue for the comic if it weren't for the fact that I'm leaving for a short vacation from Thursday to Saturday.

In other words, no comic today or Saturday, but in return you will be getting two bonus comics for the 4th of July instead of one drawing, plus the usual comic next Wednesday (ya know, probably :P ).
On the upside, the downed internet gave me the time to perfect Threadbound's gameplay mechanics, HUD, and all of Taylor's animations! I'll hope to release a gameplay demonstration video and journal explaining the new mechanics soon! :D

PS: I'm posting this from my local library if you where wondering how I posted this.

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