Thursday, July 18, 2013

Commercialized Pancakes

Have you ever seen a commercial that you just REALLY couldn't understand and made you fell like you just took drugs or something? Cuz' I have multiple times and there was one that was almost exactly like this.

Oh yeah, now that all the characters are in one pannel, let me tell you their names;

  • Cheetah Kid (Kent Dendega): the one in the middle, DUH!
  • Token Dendega: the one to the right of Cheetah Kid.
  • Wolfina Emerald: the one to the left of Cheetah Kid.
  • Polosis Shnider: the one cheering on Token (to the far right)
  • Pal Synced: the one looking at the commercial text (to the far left)
  • Kyra Barrels: the one longingly looking at Cheetah Kid (hearts over her head)
  • Ms. Fields: their world history teacher
     Hopefully one day I can get around to making a "cast" page where you can see all the character's bios and what they fully look like.


  1. Sooo... what's the teacher's name? (The one behind Wolfina's tail.)

    1. Oh, her name is Ms. Fields. Thank you for reminding me to put her name, she's not as important of a character so I must've forgotten to put it in the discription.

  2. Hey, don't dismiss her yet! In Dilbert, Asok the Intern was just a nameless extra for a while, until the author realized he was developing into a regular character.

    I like all your characters so far, and I think Ms. Fields might prove a valuable foil (opposite for the sake of contrast) for the wilder, teenage cast.