Wednesday, June 19, 2013


     This is a blog dedicated to the comic strips I did in my High School's news paper based on my future cartoon Cheetah Kid!. There won't be that many, but that's because I started working for the Comet news near the end of the last school year... and they just got rid of the newspaper this year. The first few comic strips are not cannon to the actual Cheetah Kid! script I already have planned for the cartoon, nor are they owned by Westchester Enriched Science Magnet (Westchester High School). 
-What's it about?
     Cheetah Kid! (The Comet News) is about the life of a half human/ half cheetah Enropian, (a human and anthropomorphic crossbreed), government hero and his many friends and foes. The comic falls into the "slice of life" and "action" category, meaning it's usually a different story each time and will occasionally have a story arc.

-Where are they?

    The world the characters live in is a planet called "Gemini". It is named after the constellation it can be seen in from the planet you live in called "Earth". However, Geminians only know Earth as a constellation, but that doesn't matter to you I'm sure. The Country they live in is Enropia, where (as you may have guessed) most Enropians are born and raised. The city they live in is called Skyblend City.
-Why is it called (The Comet News)?
     Well, as I said, it was origionaly for my school news paper which was called "The Comet". The only reason I keep (The Comet News) in the title is because:
A- Changing the name in the middle of the series would be kinda weird
B- The rest of this comic will only be about a specific series of events in Cheetah Kid's life. And it's not even the first major event of his life, I'm saving that (and any parts after this event) for the cartoon.
-Comic Posts
     The comics will be posted every Wednesday at 5:30pm (unless something prevents me from doing so). The comic is planned to end around 2/10/13 so I can start working a full fledged web comic series, but if you like the comic, feel free to tell me by E-mail. I might make Cheetah Kid! into a full fledged web comic!   

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